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it may have shifted suddenly. One knows how suddenly foreign bodies do

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as on the dining-room floor ; the rear wall of the stairway building being

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And while in no sense belittling the per- State Society along modern lines. Then

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in the way proposed. He had dwelt at some length on this

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carefully noted, with special reference to the presence of foot-and-mouth

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different sources. If the dairy is a large one, deliverinn: to all parts

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lobar pneumonia of the left lower lobe, as a complication.

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Wierally considerable, and sometimes quite large; and this distinguishes

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curred in a rural cottage where there was a wet crewyard within a

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seventeen miles distant, vi ited Columbia while the

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meals, and, being mildly laxative, for constipation in doses of ^ to 1

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free from pain or discomfort during the remissions.

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lapsed ; the water rushed in, and the works were com-

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direction of the blood must have been inverted. If it passed, as usual, from

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40 parts of glycerin ; in about 680 parts of chloroform, and

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an extreme degree. In fact, the analgesia and an.nes-

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lie physician to-day in any medico-legal case, goes by

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recoveries which have taken place were not those of true inflammation.

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Two kinds of mycehal threads : some slender, ^-^milied, septate ,

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1947. Kuhlenbeck, Hartwig, Woman's Medical College, 3300 Henry Ave. (29)

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him in the best possible condition, on the other. Ex-

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If this should be the explanation, it must throw a certain amount

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pons varolii. Tliis muscle is not found paralyzed, ex-

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superimposed organic lesion. In such cases as reported here,

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whether it is imperative to again resort portion is then cut off and the stump

para que me sirve el bactrim f

can bactrim ds treat strep throat

dative) is very much increased, and constitutes a coating of consider-

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and fifty of the lunatics under his care. The proceedings

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great difference of their manners, and so far as their contracted

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effusion of specific lymph. It is in the former that

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the lot of a physician in ordinary practice, and were I to re-

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hand, we are unable to find anj'thing new in this work. In many places the

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this substance with greater accuracy than chemists had previously

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siderable nourishment, and the vomiting generally starts with a par-

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