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of diokra in tropical climates, triiere causes auziliarf

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a small tumor containing pus, and dost observe that it presents

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with the birth and care of children, including immunization use; (4)

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circulation is neither more particular nor exclusively dependent upon nervous action

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supported by the facts. Lewin and Goldschmidt showed that this is not

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Taken internally it is diaphoretic and alterative, being

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larly prepared to espouse the cause of surgery, which

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backwards, extended. The arms, fingers, and head, retain any posture

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arranged as not to j^ress on the tender part. Mr. Key recommends

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seemed lymphatic vessels, and there continued more or less fluid in the

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attendant upon the cruritis or phlegmasia dolens of lying-in

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cut down in large numbers. Surely there is neither prin-

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The influenza double pneumonia occasionally was characterized

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second mesothorax, and the third metathorax. The prothorax sup-

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onnal position. The form will serve to distinguish it from the

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Dr. J. A. Flexner : Dr. Allen's paper is practically an answer to

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these resolutions. It is an experiment, but I certainly do

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The act of Czolgosz is too recent, too familiar, and too deeply impressed

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sheeting or a towel if the vessel has no cover, and should never be

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examination. A mixture of twenty parts of distilled water with ten

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any degree of thickness, according to the predominance oi

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