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by electricity. Electricity, he said, was not a source of
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free from poliomyelitis. They had returned to the X House only seven
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" The annals of Dahomy furnish numerous illustrations
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This worm was found in a person in Aschabad, near the northern
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relative volume of serum slightly diminished when the water excretion
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present as examples the forms shown in the accompany-
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mantles about the central veins, become necrotic and are removed —
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fluid or air in the pleural cavities push it downward.
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l^ctive against most strains of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in vitro (M.I.C. 7.5-20 mcg/ml)
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yearly rental of the rooms occupied by the Council. Once it is admitted that there is an
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Further extension towards the base of the lower lobe
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areas of the cortex. Memory does not appear to be affected in disease
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the treatment does not so much aflfect the symptoms that are already
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dual, who, possibly, regards himself as in perfect health;
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Crane, E. Boston] J. Flint, D. 11. Storer, II. Dyer. S. Morrill. A. A.
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though, till now, it has never been discovered in any other situation. It,
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DICHLORAMINE-T is used as an oil spray for nasal and throat
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site side, with or without affection of sensation, according as the lesion
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thought whence this nuisance proceeded, else they would have
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Schvlz's Results, — Among 184 patients treated in the Breslau dinic^
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1908, Aschner^^ described the oculo-cardiac reflex by which vagus
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ing to the apprehensions of ' the crowd,' evinced the evident desire to make ' a
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stored up by the liver cells and given to the circulation as fast as
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there an account of a fall, which had taken place days or weeks before
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twenty-four hours, I ordered repeated doses of calomel
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Actinomycosis. Actinomycosis of the thyroid has been observed.
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tion to the modern revival of the oi:)eration hy enucleation, hut in' the large
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initrition or excretion. They wdio are thus w^eak cannot
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dicative of " functional or organic disorder " — a rather
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In the first crude drugs were employed, prepared in the
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■tobeMaociNtedrwUi Muka rheanatiBSk Hip favor ii, atigkt Ui4 tiv
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it than as a result of the operation. I have observed similar
efficiency and safety assessment of donepezil for treating mild and moderate alzheimer disease
at home, among their friends and surrounded by those

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