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stant ; and my experience has been confirmed by two or three gen-

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ter of 1860 and spring of 1801, he complained more of fatigue

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sachusetts Medical Society, which took place at Pittsfield, on the I7th

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which, upon th<; banks of the Ilousatonic, Pittslield is seated. The

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unavoidable. No efforts will be spared to make the work valuable

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of large and otlen repeated doses of brandy and ammonia. It is

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adopted that he has been obliged to call the same individual pa-

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family, which I fear will not prevent future generals from getting

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medulla oblongata. Conjoined with these phenomena, there was in

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of^ a roller; this will prevent the access of flies to the wound, and

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three times as much protein, and four times as much fat as

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lectures on the vertebrate skeleton, an extract from one of which will

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reports of all these cases are now before you, and from them you will

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