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gradually subsided, and now, nine days from the time of injury, he
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rethreaded and passed through the anterior vaginal wall,
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Dubini, of Milan, and which are probably epileptic in character (see * Lancet,'
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ulation than to further continuance of experimental work.
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on it and then Hfted into the tub. This is useful for very heavy patients.
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rected by Edward J. Christy, has not been<sent to Boston ? The work is
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natural course of the disease, when unmodified by drugs, had never been
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remarkable appearance on section. They are composed of several paren-
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dition has remained almost unchanged ; during this time
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account of a rare complaint failed to attract attention. Hutchinson has
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membranes. Stablemen become inoculated with the disease from the
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viously, took internal mercurial treatment for a short period at each occur-
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exempt (one case aged 19), but the condition is uncommon under 30, and
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tion was found present in the criminal, lunatic, idiotic, and de-
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weakness of outward rotation of the humerus owing to the atrophy
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ters and covered the poultice with spirits of turpentine. This was done on the
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the diseased side, where percussion elicits no pulmo-
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Rosati, Louis Michael, a, w, sp, New York City. B.S. (New York U.) '29.
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develops into mature form in from three to four days ;
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country, do occasionally use an emulsion of fat, and find it
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book is a very practical one, and covers thoroughly what it
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should initiate some move that will make the situa-
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and this again surrounded by a broader red circle, which is lost
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his experience and observation as regards the benefit
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and the scalp was crusted thick with heav}^ crusts. The child
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nation, and often leave the medical officer in doubt. In this
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extent that will admit the blunt hook, which is then introduced, and
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injected over it, but not adherent to it. The growth was removed and
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283. — Trcubcrg (J.) Lipoma frontis. Deutsche med.
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great proportion of these substances is fat, and for this reason and
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( A. W. ) Epilep.sy cured by the trephine. Internal. J.
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sarca is produced when innexvation is defective. 3.

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