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ham : Dr. Hoj^e, Medical Officer of Health for Liverpool ;

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record of work done in 1868-9, and of necessity, therefore, is

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physical health (Burke, 1993; Rosenthal & Lorenz, 1992). Ly-

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ditions in the small intestine. Indeed, though the possibility of the

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edict denounced surgery as unworthy the attention of honor-

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Br. Richardson met the committee of the Society by appoint-

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life the patient should have made clear to him that the struggle is not

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urine we have an index, probably, of the prognosis and course of the dis-

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beyond, and intervals are to be left for applying fomentations, by means of leather bottles^

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bands of adliesion, not infrequently cause faecal im-

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in the second 4.8 grams (75 grains), and in the third 5 grams

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The union of anatomy and art began long before the time of Rem-

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In short, it is a general truth, never formally declared

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season and during epidemics. Inhabitants should remove from the plains,

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of the lower end of eso{)hagus. The esophageal lumen is not

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Examination of the chest reveals hyperresonance over both

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raised to the level of accurate audition. If such be

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died so. Laennec makes an observation of a similar kind (Ed.

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full doses, and digitalis in small doses, or full doses of cactus.

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the nutrition and the development of bodily strength

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I quite agree with Dr. Harrison in that an anesthetic is un-

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Northrup, of New York, reported a most interesting case

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overheard while the curtains were drawn. Tagereau commented that

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prove of inestimable value if it had no other effect than

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gressive infection beginning upon the placental site, the venous

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the application of forceps. Of the other 2 cases one was a

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served, children farthest from the schoolhouee will not be required to

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quently but of short duration ; deep and prolonged slumber ; watching,

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