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bones and membranes. Now, in many diseases of the brain,
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and magnificent theory, that there exists io nature but one
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treat chronic pain patients at this time. The membership
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a large array of surgeons and specialists agreed with
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chest, and back, while smallpox is not confluent as a rule on the trunk,
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complete and unrelieved. I have seen death ensue in six weeks
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The pulse rate is very frequent, varying from 90 to 180 or more. It is
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on the 7th of July 1767. So important was the cause deemed, that the fifteen
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of deceased physician. Very advantageous opportunity.
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they commonly involve one side of the cord, or some other limited portion
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The test, while it is convenient and usually yields fair results, is
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the production of this change gases are evolved which
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prehensive nutrient are no less plain than in health.
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substituting hypodermic for gastric administration (as advised
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Charing Cross Hospital Medical School: Bactenolopnst to Charin? Cross
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(Coll. P. & S., N.Y.). 8vo. Cloth. 101 Illustrations and 19 Charts, pp. xx + 653.
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notwithstanding the increased radiation and loss of heat, is maintained at the normal
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inhaler. He next carried out many experiments on animals and on
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" Relation of Stomach Disorders to Affections of the
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89. Comual Pregnancy. — In this concluding paper Kehrer

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