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credit to tfye source from whence they come. In one instance we now

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on to the science of medicine and the useful arts of pharmacy and

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third type of case is illustrated by a very typical example

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Palpitation, slight pain, and breathlessness, with a dry cough,

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the 16th September 1S05. During this time the abdomen gra-

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this material. Yillemin supposed it was a specific poison, like that of small-

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As regards the first question, whether it is primarily a blood disease or

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counteracting the excitability produced by this state of

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hcEmorrhage, and in certain cases it may be safe to leave half of the

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Hypernephroma. In the discussion of this subject there is much con-

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altered ; but I have supplied what appeared to be wanted in other

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apiiOBocral, Pelvic, Placenlal, Polar, Preternatural,

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giving way. The cause of his first coming to the Infirmary

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tic experimentation in the bacteriology of this disease.

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is given, which, from ( laiming so much for the practice

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themselves to be imposed upon by such childish frauds,

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and 417 soldiers. There are 215 draft horses and 8 led horses.

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Mott, of the London County Council Asylums, states that he

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prescribed some pills for him, consisting of licorice and mag-

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tance of the determination of this point is greater than

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their duty are the great ones of New York and Pennsylvania, which

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the face were |)atent. It was discovered afterward that he Iiad

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tance, its causation is only an academical question, and

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ulcer; its tissue is soft, grayish in color, but free from carcinoma. Between the enlarged

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alone, may pass from slumber into epileptic sopor with rapid convulsion,

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The Diagnosis of Typhus Fever. By A. Randolph Mott, M.D., Resi-

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