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a stronger acid than that of the London Pharmacopoeia. A
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Dilatation of the superficial veins may also be noted, and
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the desired reduction in stroke risk for NVAF individuals.
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showed that codeine had a specific effect upon the sympathetic. For
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. Cancroide de la joue ; 6pith61iome tubul6 avec d6-
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required ; but if preventive Jlediciue, or prophylactic Medi-
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Hyperplastic conditions and tumors (nephromata) of the suprarenal
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lung disease of a tubercular character that Dr. Down prefers
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whom eight are being treated free. Dr. Leslie Allan
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similar conditions may be produced in other disorders than carcinoma,
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necessary examinations, cystoscopic or otherwise, to
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but, as a matter of fact, the protein content of the fluid really enables us,
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is due to ossification which takes place from the living part
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Last summer Peter was successfully treated for tape-
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1 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, London, 1893, vol. clxxxiv.
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the obscurity which the brilliancy of one mind is unable to dis-
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Hydrastis is exhibited empirically (probably as a local
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his intestines a bullet, twenty or thirty pieces of cork, twenty pieces of tin
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by Leonard Freeman, Denver, Col. ; Cerebro-Spinal Menin-
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ties it has appeared as endemic — but in a mild form. In the southern
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to add 37, (the number of patents out,) which 1 have attended, and 73
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lowish in color, and under the low powers of the microscope may
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the thirteen years she has been afflicted, she has under-
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The intestines were carefully examined, and no point of
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Skilled gardeners usually get good wages, but tuberculous
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cloth before applying again. — yournal of Cutaneous ana
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these conditions be present, there is no fear but that the wine
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cess, and is left beyond the pale of relief by any other, perishes
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an equilibrium, it contains about 93 per cent, of the bicarbonate and about
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If the destruction of the cortical substance be complete the paralysis
what is elocon 0.1 cream used for
as you have often seen illustrated, perimetritis and parametritis induce pseudo-

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