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habits of the patient, as well as the severity of the disease itself. Sel-

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cystoscopic examinations are of great diagnostic value. It may be well,

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male it is divided by the portion of the vas deferens which

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these physicians could perhaps have anticipated his un-

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sit in a chair, walk about the room or lie on his bed

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term of service, he first came to the hospital, suffering

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in Spain. The Royal College have pronounced that the

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successfully in allaying the excitement of general paralytics, and has

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and, like other physiological hypertrophic changes, they are liable to

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DTP vaccinations. In contrast, the same reactions occurred

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describing four or five groups; for he has found there are cases

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and perhaps collapse and syncope. Hence, though the

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whole hand introduced into the vagina : the os was dilated to allow

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ing the great interests of humanity, the good of his country, or the

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cally different blood conditions come as a most welcome

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mind that all treatment in grave cholera cases which extends

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in the protoplasm of the cell. The cell getting small doses

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original disease, succumbing at length on the 12th of October. During

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when force is set free. He points out that the susceptibility

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Pathological appearances are, inflammation and ulceration

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occur; the dose, problematical action and the therapeutics. The more important

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ard in Germany and in En<>land. The latest German edition

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which we can trace it is undoubtedly the occult science of

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his father's lost estate, and where he lived as a boy,

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accompanied by swelling of the throat, and anthrax without this symptom.

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of coupling electron transfer reactions to transmembrane proton

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them ; that this unhealthy condition of the apartments

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b.' vol. 47, p. 640.) Occasionally there is nausea with vomiting and

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have seen cases in my own experience where I was confident the

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the action of bacteria or to irritants of various kinds, and

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' The following names wiU Ions be connected with thia diseaae: Feppet, Pits, McBv-

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containing alimentary matter in solution, pass from the stomach very

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removal of the lateral lobes first, with the aim of not injuring

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