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and effective. It should be followed by intestinal antiseptics. Unless it b
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xvi, 554-556.— Hughes (C.H.) The ether douche or lave-
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ophthalmology. Athens : Dr. Kalliowzis has been made
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retical grounds by Bodlaender, 1 but it is to Baeyer and Yilliger 2 that we owe
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erly done it results in producing a fertilizer the sale of which
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2 Ibid., pp. 309-310, but the author expresses the correct opinion
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aneurysms, shows clearly that those structures rupture. In one,
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being often thought to act as a determining influence, I find that in
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effect may be Avhen fright is operative in persons whose nerve-centres
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wftll. A smooth imicoiis iiiciubniiic is tlu- hcst {,Miiir-
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G. STREET & CO., Ltd., 8, Seble Steeet, London, W.C.
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Occasionally purgatives and tonics, especially iron,
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middle ear, and thoroughly cleans the parts. The union
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Duration of the Life of the Tubercle Bacillus in Cheese — In the 19th
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the anterior chest-walls so intimately that, in making the
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the proper medicine. The treatment,* however, of tuberculosis
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-capacity of the cavities, while the muscular parietes still retain
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50 for double lung, and age 45 for heart-lung transplan-
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in consequence of incomplete oxidation transmutation,
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minutes he groped befogged, searching if a city man had
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and renowned, of the beautiful and the beloved. The pride of families,
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nature and constitution of the atoms themselves, or from their
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Gastrointestinal: Nausea, vomiting, epigastric distress, abdominal cramping, diarrhea, consti- I
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anginal syndromes. The probability of imminent infarction
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the absorption band of the benzaldehyde compound. But in the
by most that penicillin is the antibiotic of choice,
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nected with the Edison service current of 120 volts it
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sized fistute, where it might be advisable for them to
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ing considerably fiom loss of sleep, to which her ner-
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The Student's Book of Cutaneous Medicine and Diseases
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We have no quarrel with the Christian Scientists in so far as
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reserve more expensive tertiary and quartemary facilities
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following was normal. The bladder contained 2i^ ounces of
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to be sluggish ; the tongue thickly coated, of a dark color, and inclined to
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than of eye trouble as a result of the influenza. Both
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professionals such as dentists, nurses, various ancillary
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secrete too much estrogen, another not enough... or perhaps too much
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of us. It is impossible that there should be and large lumps of curds are formed which

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