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semi-purulent fluid ; drum-membranes intact. Head only examined.
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been brought up to the present time. There are many
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entirely, and invite your discussion of the subject as an-,
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have attracted the attention of far more competent authorities, and it is not
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and becoming petechial; temperature, 104°. Leukocytes, 5400. Widal
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My great objection to the introduction of a speculum, of such a
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he had a bad attack of hfemorrhage, and in spite of all I could do,
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A daily bath is a comfort to the patient, but is not a necessity ; the
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of ice sufficient for use while crossing either the Irish or
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the liver is fixed to the peritoneum by a few stitches of thick catgut
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blood, inducing a condition of that fluid simulating that resulting
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Community Health Center, 43 West Main St., Vernon, CT
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Robert Angus Smith, Ph.D., F.R.S, F.C.S., (General)
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Proportions — Morph. Mur., half a grain, \ In One Fluid
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tremens, and that it is, under certain conditions, a self-limited
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Within the last few years subcutaneous injections of
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sist, however, that any licensing, or compulsory certifica-
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It seems to me that the general practitioner wants something that
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odor of the sulphide has evaporated; then add mucil-
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mM. a. lio]>. (!«' Par., 1892. a. a., ix. 201-293. — Rcngade
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ence. Escherich states that the colonies of the pseudobacilli may be
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(3.) There is a universal and unusual fluidity of the hlood, and
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duced by forceps at birth after an interval of fourteen

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