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Hastings, with a view to determine the existence or non-existence of

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cheap white muslin gloves sold in the shojjs and employed chiefly

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cattle bloat from eating too much grain, treat them the same, only

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properly prepared, it is evaporated to one-fifth its origi-

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The chapter on Deranged Menstruation, contains some no-

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individual and with age, season, etc., so that it is difficult to state any

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confreres for the exceedingly good work being done at the Zoo.

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but steadily, laying the groundwork for an immense sub-

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The kidneys are situated at the back of the abdominal

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difficulty of relieving the pressure on the back. His apparatus,

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getting rid of these faulty elements. The principles formu-

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a Physician Advisor. Beginning January 1, 1990, all new

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It ia seen from May to September, the greatest prevalence occurring in

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ture in cholera. In most cases there is vomiting and pui^gii

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Wm Best Thompson. MD Ronald H. White, MD W. H. Oehlert, MD

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be felt. After a severe haemorrhage of this sort the temperature

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each technical service in its planning, the Army Medical

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and arthralgia in 9 of 251 (3.6%) Less frequent ad-

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daus la cbirurgie oculaire. Bull. Acad. roy. de ni6d. de

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tional convention should be created between the dif-

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10 mils, to be mixed and given two hours apart for two doses, repeat-

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epidemiological study involving a cohort of 5, 1 33 Finnish

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done in the open general hospital ward, and the patient

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toward noontime, but treatment of the sinuses had given him

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