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of the number of lepers upon the face of the earth at the
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attacked with severe pain in his knees without swelling,
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their logical application to practice well worked out and
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Of the five interesting and valuable papers presented in
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Separate buildings for epileptics of either sex should be
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Of the five interesting and valuable papers presented in
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also occasions a congestion of blood in the vessels of the part in which it
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tion of the lung, due to the presence of the head of hay.
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brings the latter into closer contact with the soft lens
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missions or intermissions which belong to the latter affection, by the
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cision as through a large ; but wherever the tendon is
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scrofulous habit are the indications to be more or less energetically fol-
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portion. The patient made a good recovery. He then read a paper
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sight without treatment, although both iris and lens
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queathed to those who follow him. His epitaph will not
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articular lesions, run a parallel course with, and may, indeed, be antecedent
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organization ; the degree to which inherent tendencies can be modified by
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4. The operation of li<;ation of the linnual artery,
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The following officers were elected: Dr. Theodore G. Croft.
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to this last named date, he had not exhibited the slightest aberration of mind ;
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have room to exercise at will and should not be too fat at breeding time. After
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operation. The patient was given an anesthetic by Dr H. H.
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received exceed 20,000 fr., and will be sufficient to defray the
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Retropharyngeal abscess has still to be considered. Bokai ยง
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