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their importance in the spread of tuberculous inflammation within the lymph vascular

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required. His n)edical attendant then advi-sed him to consult

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adherent to that ]5ortion, which were also dissected off

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in misdirected efforts to extract the foreign body ; to infiltration of urine ;

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of interest to call to your attention, excepting a fact, which the table itself does

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elbows rested on the knees, the shoulders elevated, and the

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working classification of renal diseases is made most eas-

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close to the Clifton and Durdharn Downs (442 acres).

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neither are they always seen in hysteria. It is important to bear in mind

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In Broadbent's case the chloride was used. Ringer and

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in the regiments for nine months were not made by this Board, but

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added. The patients easily appealed to the sympathy

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causes, the answer comes quick that pessimism is the

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eral tonic treatment, it is necessary to protect the jaw by a

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known. Schultzen** gives it as .06 gram ; Piirbringer,**

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in fact the same may be said of the great majority of substan-

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noted a systolic murmur in the pulmonary area in young adults of remarkably

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of eruption, and extends from the time when the eruption first appears to

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I use it in the majority of cases, and give the initial dose of mor-

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restless, tossing about uneasily, throwing his arms

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most powerful antiseptic that we possess. The article,

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each spoke of the other. Indeed, Mr Goodsir often expressed him-

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explain why the heart stops. If cerebral anaemia explains the phenomena

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back and limbs is often agonizing in character, and in some instances

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occur. In none of the cases which 1 have seen has there been more than a

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Copy for classified advertisements should be received not later than 25th of the second month

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parametritis and perimetritis in the subperitoneal tissue or in capsu-

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St.vtistics of Cakcer. — Mr. Moore has the pleasure to acknow-

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