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the loco mainly because it was green and fresh and did not at any

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D. Lane Sfwrt-circuit Operation, with Persistent Symptoms. —

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sipelas;"* and when it wanders, it is the "erratic erysipelas;"!

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cells of the papillary layer of the corium. In negroes the pigmenta-

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novel and only too easy mode^ may all test the skill of the medical

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this organ, any derangement of which it is at times

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1 V: '. Cutaneous hyperesthesia to touch (also in the red shaded area).

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pound to twenty gallons of water) rendered soluble by the

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powers are feeble. It may be assumed, that debility of digestion im-

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lesion. A dropping of the upper eyelids now was noticeable, and was ac-

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If shock or syncope should develop, the body-temperature must be main-

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Town, Albuquerque. Contact: University of New Mexico School of

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far as to declare in open assembly that the republican form

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applied to the abrasion would prevent the suffering

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and alleged to be liable to have his name erased from the

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by jaborandi on the quantity of sugar excreted, providing the

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^■^ CommuniccUmis solicited on all Medical and Scientific

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out. There was no colic, sweating, or aching of the

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diet Then the condition of the liver should be looked after. It is

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doing away with the counter-opening and invagination. He used

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he had not taken the trouble to read my m&noire. He certainly mistook

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STEPHENS, G. Gayle, M.D., Huntsville, “Accreditation And Change

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at the free border or at the posterior extremity of the vocal cords, but they

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Niemeyer regarding phthisis. I did not hesitate then to criticise those

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