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one in three 50 per cent injections, and one in two 60 per cent

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him its absence is almost always followed by death.

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far greater than that necessitated by the increase in blood bulk

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and carbon dioxide. TJreine is, therefore, a ferment which has a poten-

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side, where she rapidly improved in health and strength. In

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confined, however, entirely to children. Very concise and prac-

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1890. Food and Energy in its Relation to Medicine. 173

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will to do justice to one whose demise brings sadness to our circle,

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tion and sweating ; and in other regions of the body where similar

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be based on an examination of the urine, controlled by an examination of

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erideiiceofcarauioma (Lisserand Bloomfield).* B. K. Bron-n found the stools

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have given more time to the study of this than to any other

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changes, the alterations in the blood, as far as they are yet known,

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I am interested in your APPROVED TREE FARM idea for my own future and the future

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and future consequences. We are therefore neither jus-

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motor or sensory disturbances, anti very soon cause death.

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and sixty -eight patients were admitted to the wards and 261

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his results for the standardization of diphtheria antitoxin. Various

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that obstructed veins are apt to become far more tortuous when the circula-

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universally admitted to be most desirable institution,

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agree in representing them as valiant captains and skillful

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from a deed which was painful. So I again locked them up. — .Tune

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are mouth-washes, as odol, or hair dyes. From such may arise ring-

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Lakes are also obtained from Brazil-wood and madder, by

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mental depression, but the point which struck me was, that

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set. 23, has always been a slow reader, a bad speller, and unable to do

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Cytological examination has been of use in deciding the

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taken to compare with experiment No. IX., showed that my

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In all cases of miscarriage, medical assistance should be summoned as

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