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with unblushing effrontery doing his best to humbug hundreds, and

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to some cause which is not connected with the pregnant state; (2)

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great protraction of labour in cases that ultimately were delivered without


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wound in the popliteal. Three months later a pulsating tumor was

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signed to aid in controlling hemorrhage during ope-

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rally, and its inordinate frequency among the household troops, to the close foul

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So long as we are confined to the domain of mere theory, it

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Howse (H. G.) A clinical lecture on a case of necrosis

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an excellent gargle for children with sore mouths, and a good

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altitude. They have even been found in the City of Mexico at an altitude

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Indisinap., 1884-5, iii, 187-189.— Fois (G.) Epilessia trau-

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submitted which require careful study and patient inves-

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this instance was but one of many of a fraudulent in-

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and speaks readily. Has had no medicines excepting occasional laxative.

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1. See to it that you eat regularly, slowly, temperately.

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and in a short time experienced the symptoms of intermittent

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we mistaken in believing Paris to possess superior advan-

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Whereas, with their training, they are able accurately to diag-

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pencil, these are bacilli ; still others are spiral, like a corkscrew, these

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thf: OS should be dilated and the uterus cleared out at

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increased action of the heart, although I would not

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and it was then reduced to 160 volts and so maintained

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hydrotherapeutics — ^reach back to antiquity, and one of the

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instantly to bed and cover him with as many blankets as can be obtained ;

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revealed remediable lesion. The operation was therefore carried

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root of the lu-ek, where, from their size, they became, so to

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