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irritation of which caused forced movements — <?. gr., the cortex
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exposure to cold. It is usually less severe than the first infection.
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thirds of the cases thus treated died. The treatment was then en-
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unimpaired, but the instant the eyes were directed to another
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Division of Education and Research in Community Medical Care — 15
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Lungs, Liver, and Bronchial Glands. — Dr. Geo. Pepper exhibited the
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of the alimentary tnbe, etc. It is necessary to inquire carefully into its causes,
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With all the evidence before us the formerly obscure and puzzling case
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pose that Curschmann's spirals are pathognomonic of asthma, for not
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every case must be a law unto itself. Since Sydenham, in
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each other, and correspond so nearly in respect to their origin and pro-
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Treatment. — ^The patient's nutrition must be maintained, if possible,
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gathering storm, the approaching crisis in destructive conges-
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$25,000.00 appropriation for equipment of Agricultural Hall 23,556 15
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abdominal cavity, it is upon a serous surface ; if upon the buttock,
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no longer having the appearance of dejection and de-
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student following the course in operative gynecology at the New York
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I have myself observed formed within the coagulum in the cylin-
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about 0.2 grams, is the amount of uric acid which, inde-
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wounds of large veins, it was impossible to control the
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serum which separated them, which was small in amount. Here, then,
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of his contracted abdomen. He continued to suffer excruciating pain on the
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tion had commenced. Possibly this rise is analogous to the rise
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The Bureau of Vital Statistics of the State Board of Health,
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This case was especially interesting to me because of the un-
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sacral re^on most Intense at night ; pain on pressure ; slight lum-
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" At these parties in Soho-square, the youthful and more
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tried, and the combination of the acid with the oil was much better
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crutch entirely and limps very little. She can step up a stair,
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Dr. Smith pointed out that the remit was to consider the
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rhus, or ulcerated state. It is exceedingly difficult to cure by the old
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attachments of muscles^ and it embraces a far wider field than
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scattered corpuscles. If these revert to their primitive
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There is Mill a frightful mortality from child-bearing.
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Let us suppose this to be the incipiency of the paroxysm, or the early
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