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dicated, simply because you were not sure of its dose.
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destroying the mother, annihilates the offspring. Were
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to this demand, and, with his small company of forty men, defied
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application of a small fly blister to the groin. 3d. When the swelling has been
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the natives and long residents ; and the great mortality which
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fluid, without color, or of a pale lemon color, and perfectly limpid
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found convenient. As Mr. Baber had mentioned that he
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electrolysis, but it must be an extremel}' rare sec^uel.
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Relative to this point we might express our views as follows :
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and infection of the mucosa of the obstructed organ. Frequentlj^ when
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the vertebra, and again carried through the middle inter-
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permission could be obtained only to make a post-mortem examination
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Such books may be disinfected by exposing them to formaldehyd gas
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Lesions, These consist in the presence of the larvae in the
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affected patients have their hair entirely restored.
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tous. The lumen contains a small amount of seropurulent
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ties usually come from Italy, prepared from the intes-
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intense injection or a purulent inflammation of the conjunctivae devel-
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tate gland. In the majority of elderly men it enlarges
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Quite recently. Irons has demonstrated that in gonococcal infections a
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mandatory laws as to medical practice ignored, and the
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tions, lithotomies, excisions of joints and breasts, the latter two requiring months
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as a result of the elimination of the drunken unfit and
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ties—and to the 3rd charge, it is replied, that the President was satisfied
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salaries elsewhere. This is the tendenci/, and while we
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of the pH scale. The following experiment shows this reaction and
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the gastric contents contain large amounts of mucus not observed in
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cases than as a causal factor of the disease, remember-
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take pains to ventilate the room well; but, while we do not keep off the
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225 pounds, traveling salesman ; always seemed in good health

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