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contract the dreaded 'bends." He believes that by personally

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Apelt's test.) An increase of the specific gravity suggests meningitis, although

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incomplete, the atrophy corresponds closely with the degree of pa-

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scaled off very much, was impacted tightly in the common duct. The

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but seems to have no advantage over the more popular nitroglycerine.

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The German Anthropological Congress will hold its twenty-

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be in the interest of the public as well as the profession,

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erative change. Of these 72 cases, iu 47 the degeneration was liniiteii

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remove each layer of nerve cell in this region, we might find one in

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from the disease were reported. A case was also reported

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question was that of excision of the uterus, which had already

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to speculate on the causes of the impossibility of reduction, and it occurred to me

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gogues, alteratives, strengthening the lungs, giving

can estrace cream be used externally

be reasonable to seek them in animals freely transfused with the blood

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with good results. It seems to act as a general tonic, and

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these are out of kelter. You needn't come the stethoscope over him ; he

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island of Heimacy, adjacent, such has been its fatality that not a child

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round the wound hypochloride in one cubic-centimetre doses.

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flammation is an action, a movement, an increased development

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culopathies, a careful analysis of cervical compressive

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cations for treatment. Thirty grains of chloral hydrate by rectum

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pose to consider these first — they are climate and personal hygiene.

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moval of the exciting causes. At the same time the skin

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nated health services under Stark II. Furthermore, both

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was so tilted tiiat its fractured surface looked directly

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asked to turn his hand over, he could, when the humerus was confined, pronate

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Maurice Albert on " Les Medecins Grecs a Rome," but we have had critical

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years of age, successfully by two transfusions of human blood.

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more. Next day the contents, consisting of a gelatinous

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twenty-four hours. There had been no eA'idence of stone or

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resmoo thing them, and arranging them in various ways : and then he

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cept that it was cup-sliaped. nearly round, and api)eaied

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strong as the other, and his general health perfectly good. Some remarks upon

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