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just as variations in color depended upon the rate of vibration
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from this quantity. Gonococci and other organisms require special
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cause death. He then found that the lungs possessed a protective action
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frequency of murmurs arising in the respiratory tract, but
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soon be forgotten by many of us who were deeply interested. I do not
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of more direct communication with the sick, were frequently attacked
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the sowing of the virus, be something analogous in the human
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Br. Richardson met the committee of the Society by appoint-
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gree, producing a condition known as internal squint. Per-
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cum historia moiboruin.-t epideniiie coiistitutionis, qiife
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centres, irritation of which by the electric current
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the rhinoscope can be accomplished in some cases, but on this
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liar and isolated, than that which is common to frogs and toads." Indeed,
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Honoring MSMA President Larry G. Piepergerdes, M.D. and
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group of muscles." 1 Again, it seems to be a rule that, when muscular
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extending from a little below the wrist to the junction of the fingers and
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ture of those parts of the eyeball contained within the sclerotic
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'ion. because such procedure is dangerous. When I have Interfered,
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knife across the throat, and dividing the carotid vessels, and the
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were 22 double cases. The treatment consisted of general and local
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tion. In many afebrile cases alternate doses may be omitted. This will
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mittent fever. It is interesting to note that estivo-autumnal infection
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add to the uncouthness of Latin style for which their
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tasis. There is a stage when the symptoms are few and indicated
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walk smartly for a considerable distance up one ol" the roads,
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from within with the weapons of life, his brain and
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(E.) TJeber deii Kainpf der Zellen fi^'tjoii ErysipdUokki'ii.
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HOUSE OF DELEGATES ACTION — Accepted the report of the

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