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ported a family with probable Addison's disease. A history of injury

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gouty or tuberculous), if they be present. Lung-gymnastics are most

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walking with guarded steps, avoiding jar. Comes with forward stoop.

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standing of the action of the kidneys under the stress of infection

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under observation for several years a young woman in whom this form

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Symptomatolgy. — The choreiform movements commence insidi-

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though with the absence of any force Avhatsoever. lest perforation take

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found. The urinary features are otherwise normal, and the accompany-

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of the left ventricle eventually gives way to extreme dilatation, and also

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yet the special nerve-pain under consideration presents the folloAving

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absent. As I have already stated, these can best be described under the

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OsLER records a case of stenosis of the hepatic veins that was asso-

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neal cavity or when poured out from the diseased or injured membrane

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trophic nasal catarrh, the general treatment is similarly directed : it is

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same reason. The clinical manifestations of a simple catarrhal pyelitis

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with the amount of effusion present, and also with the particular stage

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lung (diffuse pulmonary apoplexy, edema) are not so long delayed

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(the so-called rheumatic neuritis). (2j E.xtension of inflammation from

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swelling of the muscles, as in muscular rheumatism, but additionally

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factors, the less severe pain, the less marked redness, the slight tendency

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cases, though I believe it to be an axiom in climatic therapeutics that the

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fuses the judgment, paralyzes the vrill. and deadens the conscience "

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pontine hemorrhage the opposite to this occurs. As a rule, the symp-

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the ratio is decidedly less varying — from 1 to 2160 hogs (1876) to 1 to

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terminations rarely ensue, and then in cases of mercurial encephalop-

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origin in the thymus gland, and the organ may become enlarged (hyper-

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advanced years, along with marked abdominal tympany, tenderness

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Course. — Rarely the disease runs a very rapid course. The preataxic

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place in the arm. This member very rarely recovers, however, to the

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about the root-cells of the anterior horn of the same side. The main axes

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The vasomotor form of angina must not be confounded with pseudo-

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