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by inoculation of pure cultures of the micrococcus Melitensis.

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a little later the lecturer proceeded to give a short

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the bottom of the cavity I saw several large veins had been

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deau p fs reports two cases of abnormal JMeckel s diverticulum in

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of that commonly seen under ordinary circumstances

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cannot be ultimately referred to some one of the properties of which

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and yet notwithstanding this the practice in most of these

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factor in the determination of most cases of albuminuria in yoimg

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snag and they are a source of considerable danger to river

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throat is sore and two kind friends declare he has diphtheria very badly.

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victuals she was labouring under symptoms similar to those of case d

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March th. Eloped from the hospital and could not be

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face neck and arm of the left side were noted the ordinary alterations

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tioners who within late years in this country have made diseases of the

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at variance on the vital question of the infectious quality of the urethral

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during the week ending February th including from enteric fever.

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At present it is not certain that this condition is identical with

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Navy while at the same time those at home are not deprived of

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imported into this country previous to since that time between and

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the fundus. I have made many experiments with these mirrors and have

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Sir William Bartlett Dalby in writing upon the subject of the re

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employment. The patient could give no satisfactory account

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persons who voluntarily undertake to abandon intemperate habits or who

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