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showed but slight disturbance of pulse and temperature, and

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that it is a fault of metabolism, a poverty in the system. At the risk

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many socio-economic, political, and environmental aspects of health and health-

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liquid, and, above all, the administration of an emetic, are often indicated

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klin. Chir., Berl., 1877, xxi. 1. Hft., 25-89, 1 pi.— Oanias.

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A knowledge of structure is indispensable to a knowledge of

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they do not make very much noise and as the concentra-

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Numerous plague conferences, both international and

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laws of olden time for the prevention of marriage amongst relations. The

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behind, and wound around it in spiral turns (Fig. 246). If the entire

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and constantly under your observation. The object of

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a surgeon-captain in the Italian army, and naturally de-

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tion of the patient was stationary when the report was

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than at other places. As in all myopathic paralyses, the electric con-

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moans at the uselessness of life; regrets at inability to get a

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Dr. Walbridge: I accept that amendment and I move that

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exit to a considerable foul fluid, and gas from the peritoneal cavity.

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*Read before the Ohio State Pediatric Society, May, 1896.

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ministered alone, was that of a child in the country, which the author

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or ignorant enough, if your patient comes back in two or three years for

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Milton, of Cairo, but would be o'lad to hear of anv sue-arestion

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give weight to any observations he might make, to test this drug at the

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it, but if put to the test it will be found of great value in remov-

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ures of treatment, removal without the sphere of the malarious influence

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change, however, should be as temporary as possible and an

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parts of ether and 6 of water, well shaken together before pour-

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G. P., a housewife, aged 35, sought advice in the out-patient depart-

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September, after practical cessation of campaigning, and

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above downwards at its widest part, and of about A to .5

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Chlorate of potash given in such quantity as Mr. Seelingmuller

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of the right side of the heart. Chronic passive congestion of lungs, liver,

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of which emaciation was extreme, there were tubercles in only one case.

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becomes more convex. The lens thus increases in thick-

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for its success. Nevertheless, the receiving medical

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is not — the degree given for this should be Bachelor

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grade certificates, the number in 1898 was 1,759 less

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unique. Widespread secondary bacterial invasion has been noted.

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surfaces were crushed or gouged out; but neither the bones

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of the Wisconsin Association for Public Health and the Public Health Council will

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