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prospect of relief, for the effusion before mention-
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glass, be performed within a few minutes after the bite of the
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to his being allowed to give his opinion as to the cause of
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tion has assumed a moral, as well as a medical type. It has been urged, that
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real value of the murmiir as a sign diagnostic of inflammation
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minal expulsive forces. I have frequently observed this functional weakness
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above shown, the cases in which the bullet has entered the
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one drop of carbolic acid. This solution is made by
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tion has assumed a moral, as well as a medical type. It has been urged, that
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the nature of those organic radicles may be whose presence are of
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sexes are affected with equal frequency. During an epidemic, not all
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auricular and submaxillary glands of the same side were enlarged. In
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was its cause. Still more serious irijiu'ies sometimes arise during a paroxysm.
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concepts of the influenzal diseases and lesser epidemics, apparently
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and handling included All other countries add US $4.23 Air Printed Matter Postage
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pocrates in the following terms : "Hippocrates, who is the
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as to the period of time a second child should be allowed
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in chronic constipation, — cold enemata (55°-60° F.).
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partially drawn through the wound, wliere it was held by
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well-controlled studies in pregnant women. It is also not known whether
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actions, 105 positives in 281 cases. Halton who made these tests found 100%
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Before proceeding to a brief description of the anatomical appearances
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strengthen the hocks, and prevent curb and spavin. Such cases,
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Bulletin Number Four of the Carnegie Foundation for the
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numerous. The number of grossly ignorant men who were at-
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neutrophils uninuclear, multinuclear, lymphocyte, granular amoeboid, strap-
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the hospital on the 18th of May and made an uninterrupted
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self, one must have something more than a dim remembrance
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the circulation, cardiac dilatation. All these conditions
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usually earlier and more extensively convulsed than the non-paralysed side.
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single bath is in a degree transitory, but in it there has
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Otology, and Laryngology, by Dr. J. Herbert Claiborne,
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scribe to the propriety of his caution, that the " knowledge of
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ture. Her attendants were at once alarmed, supposing that if so left,

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