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beautiful typography ; it is not often that the publisher's art is

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ramifying capillaries filled with dark blood, but with-

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regard to that? We .selected definitely the subjects which

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duties uninterruptedly for twenty years he shaU be appointed

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Give but little sloppy food if sow desires to eat ; feed pigs as in

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of the patient. In opposition to observations made by oth-

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Appetite pretty good. Half ord. diet. The next day having had

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not less than 8*5 per cent, solids not fat. Sample had undergone no

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it seems sad that the man died of inanition when an artificial opening might

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the two former consists of 1 inspector general, 4 principal sur-

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duodenum from a surgical standpoint. Conditions were com-

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but prevent their remote after-effects which are so dangerous.

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acquired strength and flesh, and in a few weeks every sinuous

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which are often seen in practice. The young physician

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brought about reflexly by the irritation of the gall-stones. This, at

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operation is resorted to, however, a localization diagnosis

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that he always enjoyed good health until swelling and suppuration occurred in

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Infirmary physicianships. In 1847 the late Dr Templeton, a mem-

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pathology of placenta praBvia to be nearly, if not quite, identical with

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mach ; the pyloric extremity being most frequently affected,

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and some serum is found in the cavity of the chest, and small tubercles

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good reading. We refer to the portions on pathology and bacteri-

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more nearly like the rapid improvement claimed by Carosso would have

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of officers resulted as follows: president, Dr E. Rosenberg; vice president,

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second eye. Augustus Pritchard, of Bristol, England,

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York City, and another prize to John Elderkin, of New York City.

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lar atrophy into three types, plastic, histogenetic, and ne-

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a circular division of the muscles. The flaps were brought together

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to perform adorations; at once he passed from the right to the

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where the summers are not of a certain heat and duration; they belong

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leper. In other words, they generally go by thirds. In any

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ists and one general practitioner to help restore the un-

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largement of the heart by the exanthemata and otherfebrile diseases. Pyrexia

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ftimulant, bitter, abforbent, or other ftomachic, which had ob-

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Chest. — Heart healthy. Valves normal. No adhesion of the pleurae. The

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in our cities, whom necessity compels to incessant toil in various sed-

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Morbid anatomy. — So Uttle opportunity is afforded of investigating

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