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natural to the framework, as iron, manganese, calcium,
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The second day a large " measley " eruption made its appearance,
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gestive, and fairly accurate. A good point well brought out, which is com-
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the Baltimore City and County Almshouse, in the sum-
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was highly albuminous, threw down a ' gave warning of the unfavourable change
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the cell or molecule, those that have been formed in
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fracture. The patient can move at pleasure or sit up if
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follow very closely the curve represented by the convexity of the lens. When
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years, the first had b-^en treated outside with plas-
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of the law of priority. The same objection may be raised to the name" malaria,"
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being unpatriotic so identified has it become with our institu-
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pulsation in the veins of the neck, and often a pulsating liver.
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but an opening has been made only just sufficiently large to
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and the posterior root fibres were more involved than the anterior.
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The order which created this work of such far-reaching impor-

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