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(judging from the results of inoculations in animals) and the age

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the zinc was left off, there was felt a kind of metallic taste of mouth,

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it was the water which was deficient The effervescence noticed

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xiv. p. 483. — 68. Idem. "Three Forms of Pavus," Monatsh. f. prakt. Dermat. 1892, Bd.

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access to their continuation, the lymphatic vessels,

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and use no bottom crust. Cover with cold water, bits of

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glands have been discovered in cattle dead of the plague, micro-

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three ligatures. Before dividing the pedicle, a snap for-

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convalescence. Mem. et bull. Soc. de med. et chir. de Bor-

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ever, need nol be withdrawn further than the os uteri, sufficient

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vided the terms can be suitably arranged, as of course they can

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diarrhea, and in the morning vomited, even on the street. In the hospital

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(d) The presence of adhesions, membranes, pathological kinks,

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Questions of this kind have an important bearing on the subject of legitimacy ;

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lymphatics or ganglia; but this is either "virulent," in

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the peach, and sink your teeth into its fragrant flesh.

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pacity, and by the Journal Committee. The financial

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certain, and may l)e important in relation both to the

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fifteen, the son of a tradesman in my neighborhood. He had had

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and widely accepted of these is, perhaps, that laid down by

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ujion to have recourse to it in many cases of diphtheritic

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organic matter by 20 (Woods's number). It was supposed to

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sometimes several months, and show remarkable remissions and exacerba-

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tremors affect the head and upper extremities when the

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or tuberculosis is the infection with which they are contaminated. The

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servative agent in articles of food, and that the quantity

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Association of Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee, will be

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infection (Dr. Foe). (2) That which infects or causes tlie

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of guvanic battery, consisting of a series of pairs

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