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able them to prevent the mischief which is daily arising from

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clinical examinations, " to test, clinically, the knowledge of

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the word to him in writing. The reverse process, that is, the

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4. The government has included in this law its well

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in former times than at present. Sacco and Jenner at the

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The life of the illustrious and beloved elder Lunsford P. Yandell

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ment ; they destroy the tissues, and are followed by scars. They may be

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Night terrors may be symptoms of the most trivial, or of the gravest

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The method of weaning will depend somewhat on circumstances. If

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where it is subjected to the least pressure from contrac-

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It is very doubtful if there is any one thing other than

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medicine, in part at least, the preliminary practice of surgery,

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during life ; but the other, raised by Dr. Carpenter, as to the

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consideration of the subject, expressed their opinion in a

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which usujilly obtrudes itself on a stutterer's attention, but, as we shall see,

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those on duty with ambulance or field hospital companies, will be

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vantage of not coloring the surrounding skin as is the case when

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The reader stated that his design was not so much to

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David B. Rotman, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine (Neurology).

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peculiarly touching as the unfortunate points with the

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points of treatment it appears to us to be hardly abreast with

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downwards to the umbilicus and the anterior superior spine of

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In ISO.'i. in lu)n<ir of Cardinal Niwinan. the first Newman Club was foimcicil

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" The dilute acid, as obtained by me, and stronger solutions of its salts, were

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The focus or chief seat of the purulent deposit was in the chorio-capillariSj

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cord. The brain not examined. I have the specimen in fluid, and will make

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