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Fats and Lecithin. A small amount of fat was present in the
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from the operation itself, and only two from distant
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ment of the impulse and sounds of cardiac action, will prevent our
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same time numerous small abscesses formed in diftcrent parts
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matic gout had, in his experience, usually appeared in
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maize is extensively cultivated and much eaten, but
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well coated with white lead it will very well serve its
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at correct results, other methods besides the stethoscope must be employed,
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syphilis ? As regards exactness, we believe, without
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of central amblyopia, before the final stage is reached, seem more consistent with
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rapid growth and multiplication, lost many of its special powers.
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parasite, and large cells filled with rough granules or yellowish flakes,
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Patrick Gillfoil, aged 54, a laborer, presents a tumour involving almost
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sician, whose memory will live in spite of trums upon physicians at these meetings,
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partly of bile (rarely, also, blood) and gastric secretions. Constipation often
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affections (meningitis, hemorrhage, or in tumors of the brain) ; uremia ;
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The treatment of any inflammation depends largely upon the cause
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The chapter on Deranged Menstruation, contains some no-
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corpuscles with ameboid movement. Specimens of syphilitic
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been an apparent cure from the use of phosphide of zinc and strychnine.
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appearance of rich milk; on standing, a heavy sediment settled,
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to three weeks in the acute, but the more protracted cases' may last
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12. Freeman HP, Oluwole SF, Ganepola GAP, Dy E: Necrotizing
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time depresses the energy of the intestinal muscles ; the longer medical
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that instead of twelve there were only nine, and ihe senior
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derangement, or irritation in the diseased organ ; the derange-
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Cardiac weakness will call for stimulants like alcohol, am-
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sources of the energy available under these conditions The classic
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however, professional jealousy has more or less inter-
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never being single, nor from any one source or orgcm only. The
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attack of gastro -enteritis, you will have great difficulty in managing it ;
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In the present paper I purpose to put on record four cases of

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