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life has encountered, at a serious loss, the unparalleled severity of the

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Remarks on the Nature and Treatment of Tuberculosis. By

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vasations the thoracic duct is frequently found impervious, and

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tion was very skilfully ]»erformed by Dr. J. E. Semple, our Surgeon-

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kidney represents the chronic interstitial nephritis of

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matter, diminished red cells, slight leukocytosis, and a relative or absolute

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To my friend, Lawrence F. Abbott, of New York, I am

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an eye to the ultimate benefit of the patient, to a goal beyond that of

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camphor; reduced the veratrum to gtt. iij. 12 o'clock noon —

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number in Milan being between 200 and 300. In 1871 the

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The child's brain may not have developed a controlling influence,

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may vanish entirely following the use of " Premarin /'

glipizide 10 milligrams

The inunction of fatty substances, as originally proposed by Schone-

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examination. A mixture of twenty parts of distilled water with ten

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The symptoms attending uterine polypus are of two kinds ; irri-

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I think the same gynecologists who are called to bear witness

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kinds of sound impressions, and for the protection of the internal ear

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^mplrtdY^pBed. In one exhumation, after four years burial, he whole

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posits of cancer in the great omentum, in the spleen,

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of arresting hemorrhage at this time, though it has

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years. He concludes that at this period of life, albu-

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only will they bite more readily, but the flow of blood

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From these facts we are able to understand, that from the old

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the knife was not directed to the stafi^ until the fore-finger of the left hand,

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from .Viken much reduced, when Dr. Schnetter advised

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rendering an ocular condition less conspicuous, even

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The fixing agent, acting on this stage of necrosis, gives few or none

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to Ward 6, Bellevue Hospital, who, besides having two

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I am not aware if the officers of the surveying vessels of the

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the sac having been exposed, it is separated from the

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Rutherford of Kelso, Scotland, took pains to write to the editor of

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cision above the patella, extirpated this, sawed off the

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appeared after a few days as microscopical tabular crystals vrith

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