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We need not look far to find an application of these prin-
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noticeable that hypertrophy of the external organs of genera-
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committee for Medical statistics in which all these questions
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the tuberculous affection. If the pulse be habituall}' frequent, the disease
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the clinical observation of Dr. Barclay in a case of mitral
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haldol 5mg preco
of the greatest conquests of contemporary medicine.
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space, between the windows, to admit fresh air when
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A. The ordinary bismuth salt, subnitrate of bismuth, is
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work is often unsatisfactory." (Report of the Poor Law Commissi i
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1795. Although the remedy was mentioned two hundred years ago, in
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Similar, though, as a rule, less severe effects are produced by certain
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examine into the condition of a class of organs hitherto treated with great non-
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treatment, and the greater relative frequency with which such recov-
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from this method of chising the abdominal wound than from
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America, and had been imported from that continent. There is no doubt,
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thus.] Post, okul., Krak6w, 1899, i, 276-280. Also, transl.
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pression of many of the glomeruli must efiect a diminution in the
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area 11,571 : population 3190 ; salary £7fi is. -id per annum.
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The character of the normal pulse may be studied in the curve of
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Children with defect in mental power short of imbecility appear to
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means of a blister is much more likely to be followed by dangerous than by
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or more of the functions which have here been enumerated ; and conse-
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singled out in certain tents within the camp, and to these contaminated
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legs were large, hard, and prominent, and unrelieved
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had to leave college ; while a masseur in a bathing estab-
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in the chambers may at any time spread to and affect this
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ciated with the presence of coagula. Colorless coagula of fibrin are
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the growth, was perforated by fifteen needles, the points of which
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face of the right lobe. The location of the gall-bladder
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tropical climates; and hence also its epidemic prevalence is confined to temperate
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carefully for three minutes. When cool 1" '^'''^ ^^^ excessive use of alcohol,
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phragma, and in the metanotum it becomes the metaphragma.
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shape of a rapidly spreading spot, so that, by proper watching, the
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den gush of blood, when, in dismay, he shouted, "Damn it, there's a hemor-
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urticaria appeared that the iiiediiMiie had to be discontinued
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The most complete and accurate record of the post-mortem
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shore from ships in port ; and the principal medical otficers of
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instruction, which includes a fourteen-weeks' course of drills,

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