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■disease; we know it is an infectious disease; we know the

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When I come to a town such as this or any other abroad, as

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might be brought about by injecting directly, although it soon

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though the latter be so trivial as to escape observation. Slight abrasions

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the alkalies does not controvert this fact. Indeed, it becomes valuable

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with those aff'ecting the parts or organs with which the symptoms more

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dangers of atheroma are upon us, causing liability to apo-

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that the intestines are often invaded by tuberculosis, and that the serosa

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trouble be elicited. They are practically due to suggestion on the

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cases is so striking that some hydrotherapists regard it as a rule that,

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Dr. Eobert C. Kemp f has devised a rectal cooler which is quite

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tion, producing the well-known cutis anserina. This condition pre-

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correctly, "water treatment," physicians, especially teachers, should be

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upon this question should be accorded careful consideration. This

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toxine troubles as affecting the digestive tract, far beyond the

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Pigeon Berry or Poke Berry. — The beautiful lake-col-

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rather than to its quantity. Whatever may be its cause, the object of

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parts of the system are liable. The general definition to-day

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and was soon on my way to the station again. Thus I cele-

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patient still lives. The next case had a dry cavity at one

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individual sensitiveness to their action, just as some indi-

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To get the starch out of flour it must be washed, when the

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this little story, and see how " one touch of nature makes the

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is septic and most likely has a strong objection to be disturbed. At this

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effect is in proportion to the low temperature of the bath, may he removed.

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with water much below its own temperature. By neutralizing this

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better things are, the more they are imitated and the more

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as they do now, and doubtless many cases died that would

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these oxidation processes, heighten arterial tension, enhance cardiac

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bacillus has no greater powers of resistance than the ordinary bac-

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a mild mercurial is advantageous (calomel gr. J (0.0162) every hour for

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the symptoms are under control it is wise to decrease the dose to

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cinoma, diabetes, etc.) ; but, contrary to what is observed in other acute

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during the first two years of life lobar pneumonia is quite frequent. Be-

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published in July last, by Major W. E. Fitch, M.D., M.E.C.,

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there has as much or more to do with it than the climate. The

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only by actual enfeeblement of the heart action, a condition which is

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nity of testing them as a green vegetable, but, as I have said

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"Success is attained by technique, posture, and perseverance," in

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their homes and families; these, too, must be provided for. Domestic

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if portions of food have remained undigested. Thus a clew will be

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this fact its certain diagnosis demands the detection in the blood of the

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