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on a papilla just in front of this. Eggs elliptical, 50 to 100 fj. by 39 to 72 ;

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still-born are specified as "putrid"), the ratio of the dead-born

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and intestines hyperemic with blackish bloody contents. Heart showed a few

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and seneka are much used, and the latter will often be found very

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essentialy consists in such a state of exalted functional activity in the nerve cells,

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order the perceptions that it receives from its visual tactile and

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of classes in the medical school is more organised, and

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bers of the profession if the standard of education

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driasis, I desire to express my belief that a relapse, or the

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dullary, appearance, and, on pressure, evacuated a turbid, watery fluid.

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To reduce pulse tension glonoin in doses of one minim of the

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futility of all attempts to prove the identity of vital and

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tion of Dr. North, who has applied tincture of iodine to the

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Symptoms. — Are at first like those of Catarrh of a severe type;

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the various groups. This remark also applies to the section

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from above downward and culminating in the appendix region. On

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(3) of age at the onset of the disease ; (4) of the duration of the

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in Hospitals. He expressed a cordial welcome on behalf of

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other zymotic diseases. Dealing with small-pox, how-

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of sputum septicemia, and still others may be encountered as the

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disease } Ought he not to give this help for the patient's sake .'*

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following disk se ^ ^ u . lracy c!.r.e, >° m ‘ : « £or 10

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sluggish circulation in the sinuses. It has been seen also in chlorosis

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Dr. .\KTMruT. Oaiiot, of Boston, said that, contrary to I»r.

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