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hook of Skin Diseases, translated by Bulkley. Also, Sur le Cowpox decouvert a
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mostly arranged in the same way, and bearing a like relation
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cheeks. 'The spring is made separately and only applied
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(A.) Further observations on the gestation of Indian rays.
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pandemic are seen again. The infection from person to person, the
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search on vestibular evoked potentials will undoubtedly con-
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' Vid* Ameiicaa Journal of the Medical Sciences, January, 1313.
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the production of energy. The rigorously exact methods of
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Baltimore, 1883, died in Philadelphia, March 19, aged.61.
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in two similar cases, and in both I decided that tracheotomy would
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with the discoveries in this department of science. While yet fasci-
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gary) has consented to be Protector of the Congress
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disease which will manifest itself later in life ? This is a matter
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I suppose that it was a case of this kind which many years ago occurred to
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misleading in some cases. This is probably due to the greater im-
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tracing the history of these tumors, we may find the
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out where she can have exercise everj^ day, and give the mix-
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want of success. In many instances the legislation was premature;
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their oddity and conspicuousness/^r i*^ that offend, — it is their
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during this custody battle, accusing the boy's mother
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was present, loose stools occurred; if debilitating or even col-
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10 to 15 per cent, collargol may show marked and sometimes character-
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cases distinguish them from abscess are : (i.) The temperature above
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autumnal group. Daily experience teaches us, on the contrary, that
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struction, and was inclined to look upon the trouble as
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(Brown, Pearcc, and Withcrbec: Experimental syphilis in the rabbit. VI.)
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Sperinientale. ' Areb. di biol., Firenze, 1897, li, 406-418.
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ties of the heart, covered by a perfect membrane wlaich had the aspect of a
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that he could introduce De Ribes's bag when the os was
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nearly complete loss of function. It is perhaps not often
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3. " Cresolis Compositus — Compound Solution of Cresol

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