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moderating its severity. If he had not been vaccinated when

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had taken place, and the calculi had become encysted

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correction of congenital astigmatism has been considered.

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passing water ; if this occurs, you will for a certain time have to

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upon subjects of professional interest are solicited. The edi-

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exclusive of Alexander-Adams operation, so treated by

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their use in cases where manual manipulation is of no

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four or five years more. But even if this plan has been

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Moscow of Italian colonial expansion — on the Kalends (why was it not

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humans. This system is expected to increase the availabitiy of the human

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siderable importance to be aware that very different

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between temperature or period and the type of B. pestis present or the

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of the stomaoh, attended with a great deal of palpitati<m

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veral branches, but merely to the degree of dexterity. Far the

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scojx' in the subacute and chronic cases. In these cases

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Through the former editions, the professional world

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It is with great pleasure that we can endorse the «rk

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ganate, quassia, sugar, vaccination, water by injection into the

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able ward in a well ventilated hospital, cleansed and placed in a neat

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FISH-SKIN DISEASE.— This is an affection in which

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mortem. In general the piroplasma theory has met with lack of con-

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tic, adhering to^rether linnly, and resembling the albuminous product

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wound by sutures of silver wire, and a loop of silk was passed

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ministrations upon the accouchee shall be marked by

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more cases, in which the disease appeared in its typical form

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lateral curvature is unimportant ; extreme curvature impairs the risk. Cured

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malt, and a generous diet, the digestion stimulated by bitters and min-

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in principle for excrement disposal from the earlier

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ence to tea or coffee ; that wine, beer, and spirits

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becoming a serious threat to public health and safety as it

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ing in spite of the large amount of mercury and this

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Committee on Alterations and Repairs. Establishment of,

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bring yonr thumb near your body ; remove your little fin-

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and responsible duty of determining questions as to the remission of sen-

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the battery in line with the opposing foe. The designing tech-

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