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perineum torn to sphincter ; vagina dilated ; uterus heavy ; retroverted ; much pelvic and
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him in the best possible condition, on the other. Ex-
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which cover a loss of substance. It is just for the sake of a trust-
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All traction must be carefully avoided, and in fact the body is to
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pains in the head, chiefly affecting the right side, and had
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journal, November, 1830, and May, 1837, were the only ones
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and an old cyst was found containing the dry and withered hulls
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ad adstantibus animadvatatur.' It is their obvious and fearful tendency which
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city. Will it reach Paris ? The chances seem to favor the opin-
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more vulnerable. The secondary form of the affection is most usually the
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foods. The condition is most common in the gastrointestinal irritations. It
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As to treatment, M. Boens adopts the adage, " For great evils,
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tact with the sick, but is communicable only through the excretions, especially
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2 vols. folio (1833 — 1844). The first volume, 1204 — 1224. The
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tive endocarditis, or may be found dragged down as if forcibly torn away
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trial. We direct especial attention to the expression, reasonable trial,
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341 : 1888, x, 149: xi, .541: 1889, xii, 21; 73; 122; 162; 220,
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orifice through which the urine had to pass exceed-
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the rarefied atmosphere above. So proud is the professor of
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less greatly benefits by its presence amongst us. Up to the year
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For one injection, gradually increased to n^, xiv. of
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p.iid, or they will not be taken from the Post Office
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nitric-acid baths, sand baths, vapor baths, belladonna, bile,
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spasms occurred in a menstruating uterus, and increased contractions
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tenderness— which is over the epiphysis and not in the joint — to the
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in the elaboration of spermatozoon. He cannot further
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as a foundation for the upbuilding of the health of the individual
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much too short or unnecessarily long, ac- ^^^^^ ^,^j.^^ ^^^^j.^ ^^^^ ^^^ ,^5^ ^0,^^^^^
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held too closely to the mother. Eobinson thinks that milia are of
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