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and chloride of carbon, it is found that these substances do act as anaesthetics ;

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by the pictures in them their similarities of procedure. Tht-

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Vertigo. See Bright's Disease; Chronic — Cerebral

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of safety plus the buffer distance equal the degree of

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characterized by a marked biliary derangement are erected into a dis-

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a shorter time and disappear without desquamation. Erythema fugax

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little chance of error in making the diagnosis of glycosuria. When

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The German Anthropological Congress will hold its twenty-


Dr. Jeffries, an authority on color-blindness, says that Mr.

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home. So in the medical world, we daily observe men who

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not only to free the cord, but at the same time remove

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parasite has been diminishing, as ascertained by the

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but I have never heard of an instance in which the complaint

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thirds of the cases thus treated died. The treatment was then en-

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caused by a rapid rise of temperature, in which case the in-

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the areolar and connective tissue around the joint, and

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(5) Finally, an analysis, more or less detailed, by the compiler of

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examination bv the ar-rav of members of such families or closely

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using longer heel, than toe, calks; and with most forgers, shoe

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the extremities and joints, tumors, anesthesia, shock and infec-

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or wholesale dealer. An order for narcotic drugs for

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the city inspector's returns contain no deaths from this disease. Con-

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that life is synonymous with soul. Therefore the wedding of

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menorrhagia again reduced to normal, but she still had a good deal of

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The first edition of this book was received with almost unani-

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Hunter, and consisted in tying the artery to control

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