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ecies of increasing vigor and usefulness in the year to come.
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soda, and mix this with prepared hartshorn or other suitable
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chlorotic girl ; but, unlike the other cases narrated above, this patient has a ten-
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intervals; to produce sound and refreshing sleep by
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with it. As with acqitired syphilis, so with the here-
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terrupted recovery. A search of the literature shows
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manner, when a near-sighted person, having the action of the muscles oi
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but was bis experience so exceptional ? Olshausen said that in 1867 Bcanzoni
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is moist; but after they have fallen it is left in a thin, soft, shining,
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tion of the house. Filtered rain-water is the safest for
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of efforts, in order to complete the work begun. The present age
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erable to the larynx, and the latter moves up and down with inspiration and
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whatever, or even when mismanaged. Tincture of pimpinella, which
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a disturbance of the sebaceous glands, which gives rise to a secretion of
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chiefly in a more rapid or slower development. In the first instance I found
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the various cachexias, is of diagnostic importance. The soft consistence
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Hingston, in his paper, had not alluded to the washing-
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to me the practicability of obviating and removing other inflam-
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exist, and for the purposes of description they will be divided into four
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Consolidation of the lower lobe of the left lung developed about
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ranged circularly, the bronchial muscle. External to
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tact with the sick, but is communicable only through the excretions, especially
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able course to the disease. At the same time, it must be remembered that the
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children, 204 were white and eight were colored, a ratio of 25.5 to 1,
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tioning elicited the fact that one month after mar-
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syphilis of the brain. He regards the polyuria as a gen-
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ing hard, and subsequently growing harder under the very
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stick " (in the form of a bead fused upon the end of
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main, music, and the like ; and the saving of expense by the
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a quantity of yellowish, creamy, purulent fluid. On section of the
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pathological condition of the genito-urinary tract to which the
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