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1890, claiming that the so called Thomas hip-splint was

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looked, which will otherwise account for these occurrences,

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cyte population contributing to the mean cell volume and may be helpful in

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the very lax southern methods of sanitation little or no precau-

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been a great success, at least, not commercially ; but

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large teaspoonful of Saltpeter, three times a day for three or four

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digestion fair, bowels regular. She has some mucous secre-

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constant and unremitting as to annoy our patients." We submit that

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thrombi of its branches into it. It may affect only one area, or almost

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similar age group of people without alcrrholic hepatitis.

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one of the Surgeons of the Hospital, the duties of which

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touched with a sound. There is a moderate amount of

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chamber, therefore, gains no absolute increase of power, but is merely enabled, by

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be made by adding 30 grains (1.95 Gms.) of sodium bicarbo-

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bills and other expenses which attend sickness. Moreover, its

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healed process, with slight change in the percussion

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at one Board he does not disqualify himself for examinatioa

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■will tolerate, and it macerates and loosens the scales very effectually ; or

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especially upon rising suddenly to the feet; joint-pains are also very

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suppressicm of urine may be so complete that the whole amount se-

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or at the base hospital, l)ecause after all nothing except very urgent operations are

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16, 1884, speaks of pharmacology, or the physiological

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discounted, and so the scope and value of hypnotism become

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tained all calculations are thrown out and the elaborate tables

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on the left side of the belly ; this rapidly increased, and the

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The Protective Effects of the Diphtheria Antitoxine.—

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thalmoplegie nucleaire progressive. Bull. Soc cenTi de

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the patient had two attacks of hemiplegia affecting opposite sides,

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of medical science that a disease which has been character-

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