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average time being forty-nine days. The average in-

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for any year reported. The rush of light, unfinished hogs to market

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nent blindness. You will recall that Dr. Cradle's examina-

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when operating dangerous machinery or motor vehicles until it is determined they

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A rather interesting sensory symptom present in my earlier exami-

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extremities, bladder, and rectum, is normal ; in others, especially where

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collis, adenoids if present should be removed and the case observed

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on the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin were not obtained.

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potatoes are strictly forbidden. The following is an illustration of Eb-

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positive assurance from the Seoreiary iliat the (piestion of

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care at the Carney Hospital, taken without selection ;

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abdominal organs where fever occupied such a prominent place in

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Price. Trans. Amer. Surg. Assoc, 1908, xxvi, p. 595.

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as surgeon-probationers, R. N. V. R. of medical students

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the great majority of hospitals give such a training to their

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Lesions, These consist in the presence of the larvae in the

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26. In this adult the genito-mesenteric fold was seen " during

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shades off above and over the patella ; the outside of the foot is hypo-

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dicate that it played an active part in the increased leucocyte supply. Its

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by the hydrochloric acid of the gastric juice. Acetic

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is not a speculation merely based upon orthodox pathology, but appears

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tuberculous process be regarded as a modification of inflammation, it is, I

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with regard to their mode of action, are subdivided into

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prolapsus. He applies fuming nitric acid to the tumor,

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fearful. The treatment with opium and blisters and bromides and mor-

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of the two organs, behind the vena cava, in the solar plexus, or in the renal

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severe and violent pain was not relieved in a few hours, to cast

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sults of competition, haste to get rich, political and social ambition,

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Possessing in an unusual degree the natural qualifica-

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accelerated, strong, and full, and the axillary temperature may rise to, or

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Taulbee-Session Configurational Score on the Minnesota Multiphasic

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preceded by spinal neuralgia, but in many well-marked cases it is totally

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