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103°, and for the next twelve days, during which the

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are injected into mice, they do not develop in the mice as do un-

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IV. Chemical Reactions of the Dumb-hells. — The dumb-bells were submitted

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atrophy of so many muscles his strength has decreased,

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more. Next day the contents, consisting of a gelatinous

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an oesophageal sound, which was not restricted at any portion of

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attributed to the closed system existing above the partitioning ligature.

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sV milligramme. This dose is instilled under the lower lid. The reaction

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of digestion being confined mainly to the small intestine, dyspeptic ail-

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cesses, at any rate to be sure and not retard them by meddlesome inter-

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stress in the aged heart. Jpn Heart J 1994; 35:403-18.

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number when fire destroyed the establishment of the printer,

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company of militia, and substituting therefor a smaller

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the ether. The patient was young, and in some respects

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feeling a heavy numb aching, sometimes tingling, and such stiff-

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piece of mechanism in the universe. In it we find a

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1. The destruction of the bacillus. Heretofore, treatment

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rily useful, and it is satisfactory to have a methodical

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place. The anemia is ascribed by Castellani^s iq "hemolytic

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Magmae are aqueous preparations containing thick, tenaceous

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Sometimes they wake to the fact that servants " of the present

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afford encouragement for the trial of uva urfi in all cafes of in-

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contraction, when brought in contact with dilutions of- horse serum

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of one another." — (Inquiry concerning the Indica-

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and essential feature, and it was therefore treated with

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lung disease of a tubercular character that Dr. Down prefers

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may be attached. On the other hand a eonllmii'iis current of electricity

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are destroyed the different layers of the skin will heal at different rates.

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seen, many modifications have undoubtedly been acquired by

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contrary, the most salutary consequences [Memoires de

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