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Their elements pre-exist in the blood, and are not manufactured in the

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M.AGRUDER. David L., LUutenant- Colonel and Surgeon. —

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geon U. S. A., Medical Director 2d Division 5th Army Corps. . . 37

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boundaries of a township, should have been rendered with no

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This second segment of skin was uiidormined, and tho tirstinon-

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anaemia be slow in onset, the excitatory symptoms fail to appear.

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we have a gut which is strong, sterile, and in every way

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Presentation of the Annual Kenneth E. Appel Award to

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will be found that the openings to the fourth and third ven-

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the refuse matter collected there. Since this source of infection was

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and no ankle-clonus. The left shows motor paralysis and

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tion of symptoms "certainly corresponds better with what we know of de-

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are the Bacillus emphysematis maligni, the B. phlegmonis emphysematosa,

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The lines on which I think treatment should be conducted

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due sfmply to a habit of keeping them wet a great deal, but this

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static forceps will always be found sufficient to check it. — London Med. Record^

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slightly bent upon itself, extends a distance of 6// to a similar red body

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a few days. About the latter end of July, as she found herself not im-

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Sphenoid Sinus : Present Day Value of Surgical Proce-

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ing frame-work. We also find these tumors in the skin, testicles,

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fatigue, an unfortunate antagonism may develop between

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formally opened last week. Dr. Thomas Opie, dean of the

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a solution of a ten-thousandth part of morphia. The experiment is very readily

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all depend upon some chemical change, but we know very little con-

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and in the treatment of them he would avoid all irri-

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sence of melino sarcoma. Moreover, bile derivatives

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the bed. A broad towel is pinned tightly around the

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it be, until we have succeeded in attaining some definite knowledge of

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climates, just as cholera and yellow fever have been the destructive

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Bowlb/s arguments that the abolition of reflexes in

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