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take rigorous measures against the impurities that lead to

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of those entitled to such relief should be laid down by the

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tempts at ovariotomy, Dr . Robert Lee, then the leading

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by the usual methods of examination, and the X-rays showed it to be

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into the larynx by means of a whalebone probe and sponge as

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Mithridates VI of Pontus (c. 120-63 B.C.), also cited by Galen as

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Mr. F., age 52, a patient of Dr. McClenehan, has had several

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very great, and during my association with Dr. Dabney for the past

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A case like the typical one I have just described is

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Many rontgenologists think that any bladder that gives a shadow is

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ty-two have died (those marked thus, *), and this So-

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saying that Gall and Spurzheim, though most distinguished anatomistf,

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complish a certain kind of flying blindfolded, or without functionat-

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do not succeed, and it becomes necessary to use an in

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nerve connected with the injury, thickened, and a spiculum of bone sticking in it*

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quickly developed the affection is not likely to last long.

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ftimulant, bitter, abforbent, or other ftomachic, which had ob-

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finish the balance of your suggestion. In the latter sen-

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the same way. They all complained of headache for some time

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enforcement of the vital statistics statute President, Dr. E. W. Pressly, Clover,

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at about 24 pounds, it is evident that from the 26th of September, to the 26t1

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the sphincter of the bladder, cystitis and pyelitis result as final com-

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proper to inflammation; in neither case do they contain air.

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theii' adherence, and permitted readily theu- being taken away

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Disease. Prevention of Hereditary or Constitutional Diseases, — Personal Kules for Preg-

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Corrigan was to the system of grinding or cramming. Xo

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books. They are not yet 2000 years old, and contain many teach-

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tion of the bowel, he believes it best to leave them undis-

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duty to use the greatest caution, not merely in returning answers to the

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■ dzheludochnoi zlielvozl. [The spleen and the pancreatic

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