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through all its phases, and the knowledge of this fact makes me
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21 Dr M'GrigorV Account of the Sick landed fr^m Spain. Jan.
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tirely new light. The illustrations (all original save one)
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duced into the capillaries is of service at times. Whatever
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inal deaths may or may not, according to circumstances, be
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Sketch of the Medical History of ths year 1834, as observed in Hamburgh
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Treatment. — Usually nothing was done until after the first chill, and
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striated deposit, kept in a warm room these twenty-four
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notice that few of them are transparent, but that they
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lungs, and mucous membrane of the bronchiae. It is highly
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'lO. — W'alters gives a description of the Massachusetts
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closely with vulvo-vaginitis, salpingitis, ovaritis and peritonitis than
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about five days : in cases produced by twisting of the gut, one-half
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Chester and give evidence at the trial. If so, you will
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serted, really nothing can be learned by a sense of
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Dr. Kippax's admirable little treatise seems justly to increase
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results with unconsciousness and convulsions. To this symptom-complex
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and illuBtrntion. It is obrious that these can be furnished only by
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It is far better to err on the side of safety and refuse such pratiques,
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Prison Physician. The examination began at 7 :S0 a. m.
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ence of these enlarged blood- and bile-vessels speaks I
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are lost. In the confluent form the thick epidermis of the hands and feet
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the upper lobe the tubercles are more abundant, larger, and more advanced
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the head. Bromid, bromid and chloral, or bromid and anti-
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affections of the central nervous system, particularly tumors and hemorrhages
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paralysis, but it is generally later. It never strikes en masse a group of
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is incapable of producing any degree of; some other narcotics did produce a local
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head, volatile alkali to her nose, and administered a strong stimulating
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rism of the thoracic aorta, with the prognosis and treatment, limiting the
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Assi.stant Ophthalmic Surgeons, Dr George Mackay and W. George Sym.
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age and sex are wcHrthy of special mention, the inc wn petcncy oeeuffing with
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secondary or paralytic dilatations these disturbances of compensa-

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