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Mr. E. L. Freer (Birmingham) said that in his opinion thf
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M.f;Charcot has described, pictured, "and exemplified a most
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the left muscle. Out of 100 necropsies on macerated
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birth is more frequent in the country than in towns. Tlie
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several of them are of very early date. They include a
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respiratory tracing was not taken, but the condition of the-
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States Ariny. Authors and Subjects. Vol. xiii. Sialagogues— Sutugin.
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of the staff", or by the Secretary, Mr. J. F. Pink. AVe wish
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of the passengers booked for Melbourne preferred to go on to
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Corporation will give a conversazione at the Natural History
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Wage Limit by the Committee on Medical Charities of the British Medical
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Dr. R. Mansell-Jones (Brighton), writes : As the juice of the thyroid
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to reduce it, and almost immediately he says the man began to breathe,
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officer of health only — to be removed. In short, this question
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etc. The courtesy title of ail would of course be captain, but the result
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schoolmaster ; likewise line peus, and teeth drawn by the maker ; also
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of her earnings during that time she has devoted to the sole use of
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of Dr. Gaskell's collaborator is incorrectly spelt.
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She complained of slight pain early on the morning of
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sound could witli difficulty be distinguislied through the
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integrated safety of levodopa-carbidopa intestinal gel from prospective clinical trials
already been treated of in the British Medical Jocknal,
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and," says M. Luys, not without a certain inconsistency,
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food. It is also made an offence to skim the milk unless it
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he valued his time at three or four guineas an hour.
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there remains in it enough secreting structure to have been
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shade of a defunct .\jnerican journalist (whom we should much
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ment was rapid and satisfactory. But the injections had to
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•of the proposed sports to be held in aid of the Hospital
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publishing good coloured and phototype illustrations, and by
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for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, 4 p.m. — Dr. Pen
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and congestion of the tumours, and where patients are pie-
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paragraphs are taken up by details as to the punishment by
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Hospital for Consumption, Brompton, 4 p.m.— Dr. Percy
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Edward Lund, David Lloyd Roberts, M.D., Henry Simpson,
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Another Correspondent writes : In the British Medical Journal of
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England "Burial Reform Association asked the Home Secretary to con-
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a scientific cast of mind, the wonder-workers always fail.
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seat of the vaccination. It is perhaps worth mentioning in
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the time of cessation of respiration the blood pressure was
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charity." If such a radical objection exists, as we are con-

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