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increased. Thus, while a normal person may be able to increase

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iary losses, and even personal sufferings. We call upon all fair-

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sion ; worse in the morning and increased by stopping. The

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phases ; potassium is almost entirely in the cells, sodium

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ence to its association with rheumatism. Taking the first series

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T. pallidum can usually be found in material from moist secondary

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points: The heart's apex impulse could not be felt and, further-

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occurring at the periods of crisis have been already alluded to.

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cysts of the amebae may be detected with the low-power objective,

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than morphological. It is quite easy to alter the shape of a bacillus or spirillum

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in a scar, without any actual or real inflammation ever having existed.

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others. As the disease tends to run a short and favourable course, it is

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aggregation on the principle of chemiotaxis. A local and circumscribed

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drate tolerance has come to my notice among patients who to

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was placed in bed, and dressings of grated potato were applied

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less bodies with the toxic molecules, and thus save the animal from certain

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which rapidly eliminates the bactericidal effect of the

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parasitic standpoint will be the classification of the future, the

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diphtheria or lead poisoning. Sidney Martin and others have shown that the

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(6) Six immature, female mice weighing 5 to 8 gm and 20 to

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of sodium thiosulfate (Na 2 S 2 0 2 . 5H 2 0) in 80 ml of

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D = l indicates 10-fold attenuation; D = 0.6 indicates 4-fold at-

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heredity or to their more fortunate environment, or possibly to.

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valent and monovalent absorbed sera. Simplified kits

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may well ask ourselves, " Do we really know anything definitely

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To the positivist a fact is a fact, wherever and in whatever guise

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grouped into phyla, classes, order, families, genera, .and species.

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fresh urine sediment, or tissue suspension, intraperi-

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suffering from the disease. They are said to be easily brought into view

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Growth is best on blood-enriched media (either blood agar plates

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tracts firmly at intervals, each contraction being accompanied by

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per ml, 1.0 ml of milk may be plated out in a single plate

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times, progressing out across the agar surface, until

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with molybdic acid forms complex compounds with the latter, of

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