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across the water. They are actuated by as warm sym-
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the slight cardiac symptoms mentioned in this article.
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Rodman, New Haven County; L. P>. Almy, New London
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It is an historical fact that the mother of Louis IX. of
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filthy and densely populated Five Points is unearthed
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the knee it may prove useful to you hereafter if I give
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suppuration in any of the other cavities which may be adversely influencing
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■cation of such medicaments as carbolic acid or mercuric
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After withdrawing all the fluid in the sac, inject into it a
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established work the question is asked, "Are you in general
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oftener degenerate ? He had frequently operated on these
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pepsia is chronic, and it may terminate in catarrh of the stomach.
paragraph, such as this submitted to us by Dr. Acland ; but, on
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In the early part of the disease, cold applications to the neck ms
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tary sac and in man has no necessary use. (See appendicitis.)
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and interesting condition in the Roussk Midyc.^ No. 17,
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of cases had increased, but these were mostly imported ones,
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was the primary cause, but accounts for it in a different
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The Medical Society of Aberdeen became gradually known and
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through the sphincter. I passed a suture through it
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sults which show only that the defendant might be the father are not admissible. Such tests must
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the superfluous skin that originally covered it, there-
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Contribu'to alia casuistica dei corpi stranieri nell' iuterno
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different portions of the gray matter of the cord, and its prolongations ; in the latter,
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trous policy of delay was especially insisted on. Having been made to
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his: Clin. chir. de I'llotel Dieu, 8°, Par., 1888, 43-54.—

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