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aspirator. Exceptionally by one or more aspirations a cure

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During the progress of the disease there is, as a rule, an oscillation of

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When I first cam.e upon the sigmoid adhesion and realized its im-

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flamed. If wide suppuration ensue, deep necrosis may result, and the

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rather than to delayed absorption from the digestive canal.

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«Bnl. No. 88, p. 9, Central Experimental Farm. ^Loc. cit.

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practise surgery ; and hence we may fairly conclude

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last ; sometimes there is from the beginning fierce or muttering deliriam,

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half of treatment, there was only a slight vesicular

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tosis. Of 1912 cases of gastric diseases during the year 1900,'

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in its incipient stage, any treatment would favor recovery.

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later recensions of the Greek text of Dioscorides' Materia Medica, came from a plant

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twm, or liver-Jlukes, which are common in the biliary passagea of nBi*

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Dr. Petri.* and extended over a period from 1885 to

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the commencement of their exposure to contagion and the date at which

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of the mechanism of the stomach is desired, to resort

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be prodigious, and, considering the constant movements to

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physical health (Burke, 1993; Rosenthal & Lorenz, 1992). Ly-

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is to be looked for from excessive drainage of the serum, the calcium

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function-exciting drugs, it may be asked in what order

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it is evident that I must have cut a second time through the

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the lever pessary; others having usually called it the U-shaped or

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•occasionally visited these relations during their sicknesses.

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amenability to treatment, whether a given attack of ordinary

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It is the latter that are the active agents : the action of a pessary is passive.

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ceived from men in whom I had confidence as teachers and

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